About me


I'am Gustavo Sanchez, I'm electronic and telecomunications engineer with 22+ years of experience in telecom networks and cloud systems. I have worked as system engineer for companies like Getronics, Telmex and the last 13 years as account executive for Microsoft and Genesys.
Since the beginning of pandemic I decided to start a new learning path (beyond sales) as Fullstack Developer to gain new knowledge and to get inmerse in a field that I always wanted to explore: Software Development. I hope to build new amazing artifacts that help to solve real business problems.
My journey has included the following technologies for frontend, backend and tools:

MongoDB Database Logo
Visual Studio Code

I hope to inspire you with some of my projects and if you think I can help you, please contact me.
Welcome and thanks for being here!

Some projects built by me

Spotify Finder App

Search for your favorite artist, check their albums and get the associated song listing. Then, play and listen to the trailers for each one. Use the endpoints provided by the Spotify Web API.

MDN Pet Store

Using JSON data to populate page with DOM maniputation in Javascript

FrontendMentor chat app with CSS illustration

This is a solution to the Chat app CSS illustration challenge on Frontend Mentor

Simple calculator with Javascript

This is a solution to Simple Calculator using HTML- CSS and vanilla Javascript

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